Looking for dancers who have a story to tell:

We are looking for 26 different dancers worldwide who have a story to tell.

m² is a video project that portrays dancers from 26 different locations from all over the world. The dancer steps into a white square sized precisely 1 m². While the dancer takes you away on a journey through their body improv, a vocal interview forms the soundtrack. A conversation where the dancer talks about anything they want, but not about dance.

Do you want to be one of those dancers? Let us know your story, where in the world you will be and if it's a match, we'll come right your way!

The video portraits will be displayed on On The Roof vzw's facebook page and be part of our public exhibition happening in a centrally located subway station in Brussels.

Apply now below until July 31th 2108!

a project by ON THE ROOF vzw

portrait shooting & interviews Jan Wallyn

production & logistics Jelle Coppens

production assistance Jolien Jaspers, Kopano Maroga, Gerlinde Werdefroy, Eline Vyncke

supported by Brussels Mobiliteit, MIVB, Zinnema